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a new approach

Eyefish is promoting a new approach to television production, the open sharing of information for the common good of the television production community, fostering local talent and services around the globe and a reduction in the environmental impact of television programme making.

people who care

We’re people who care about bringing together the huge community of talented people, as well as the expertise and goodwill that we’ve all experienced when making television programmes.

During many years of programme making, we’ve come across some great people from all corners of the planet. From freelance technicians and fixers, to caterers, drivers, trackers and guides all of whom have been a pleasure to work with and an asset to any production.

You’ve probably worked with some great people too and, if you feel like us, you’d be only too pleased to recommend them to others. It helps them and it helps the wider community by putting productions in touch with talented individuals that come recommended, not just by us but also by people you trust … your colleagues.

By allowing easy access to talented people around the world, we can help to reduce your production costs and your carbon footprint.

It’s good for your budget, good for crew and good for the planet too!

plans for the future

We want to expand this site and have a big list of exciting things we’d like to do but we can’t do it without support from our members.

If we can keep this site funded by its members and not through financiers, we’ll be able to remain independent and respond to your needs rather than the pressure to generate the maximum return on someone else’s investment. Please support Eyefish !

the team

Eric HuytonI’m Eric Huyton and I’ve worked in broadcast television for 25 years. For most of this time, I’ve been a freelance cameraman working for major broadcasters all over the world. It’s a great career with many exciting opportunities taking me all over the world including extreme locations from the Amazon rainforest to the Arctic Circle. 

But apart from the amazing experiences, I've had the privilege of working with some great people and I'm using Eyefish to help get them noticed.

Louise HerenI’m Louise Heren. My career in television production started at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood followed by 10 years in the BBC before becoming a freelance Producer / Director. I’m passionate about getting the best film from my budget and building a great team of experienced professionals to work on my projects.

I've worked internationally for Discovery Channel and National Geographic and had the pleasure of meeting and working with many talented people during my travels around the world. I also teach production management at local media colleges and at BBC Elstree. 


Mark Chitty I'm Mark Chitty, after deciding I didn't want to be an electronic engineer stuck in a lab, I made a break for it and working at the Post Production company Films at 59 for 8 years, eventually moving into the 'Multi' side of the media industry. I then went freelance and specialised in Web Development, focusing on Open Source technoloqies and online communities.  

In the 6 years I have spent being a freelance Web Developer I have worked with a wide range of companies and have been engaged in the setting up of several successful online communities and social networks.