Aaton Cantar audio recorder

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Aaton Cantar Audio Mixer Recorder
The Aaton Cantar is a lightweight digital 8 track audio mixer/recorder of exceptional ergonomical design for both over the shoulder and cart use.

In common with all Aaton products, the Cantar is beautifully designed and very robust. All mechanical faders, sliders and selectors are dust proof and waterproof. It has low power consumption delivering up to 16 hours of operating time on Lithium  Ion batteries. The Cantar supports SMPTE timecode and sound is recorded as .wav files to either an internal hard drive, flash memory or external HDD via firewire.

Dimensions: 230x310x80cm (9x12x3.2in)

Weight: 3.2kgs (7.5lbs) without batteries

Power: 2 x Aaton 4 pin XLR batteries or NP1 Lithium Ion

Aaton Cantar Audio Recorder         Aaton Cantar Audio Recorder


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