Aaton A-Minima

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Aaton A-Minima Super 16 film camera
A small, lightweight Super 16 film camera from French manufacturer Aaton.

The A-Minima is a beautifully designed, small, lightweight super 16mm film camera weighing only 2kgs including film and internal battery. It does most of what a larger camera such as the XTR Prod does but also has a number of high tech features which make it ideal for hand held photography. It takes a 200ft daylight load magazine, so there's no need for a changing bag which makes re-loading very quick indeed. It can run up to 30 x 200ft magazines on one battery and can run from 1 to 50 frames per second (external battery).

It also has a clever device called a distant eye viewfinder which allows the operator to hold the camera away from his eye at arms length whilst still viewing the image being filmed. Normally, the eye has to be held against the viewfinder when filming to stop light entering and fogging the film image.

Because its innovative design, it produces very stable and crisp pictures and can shoot without the need for a slate board by making use of the in built Aaton code. It's often used alongside High Definition or 35mm film cameras where these are too bulky or expensive for some locations.

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