Aaton Penelope

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Aaton Penelope 35mm Film Camera
The latest 35mm film camera from Aaton. Ready to take digital sensor magazines in the near future.

The Aaton Penelope is not only a very fine 35mm film camera, but the engineers at Aaton have also designed it to accept a digital magazine and therefore provide 4K digital output for true high definition filming.

As a film camera it is superbly engineered and very quiet (24dB) when operating. It's also light weight and perfectly balanced for hand held work (Aaton's "cat on the shoulder" principle) and incorporates a number of high tech features such as double resolution progressive scan video assist, communication to laptop computers via USB2 or Ethernet connectors and a printable pdf report with jpeg snaphots, metadata and Aaton Code.

Its unique film transport system allows either 2 perf or 3 perf 35mm film formats and can shoot from 1 to 50 frames per second.

Aaton hope to introduce Digi Mags in 2009 when 6K technology and storage space become available so that the Penelope can be changed from a film camera to a digital camera in less than a minute. It's simply a matter of removing the film magazine and replacing it with a Digi Mag.

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