Aaton Penelope Delta Digital Camera

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Aaton Penelope Delta 35mm Film and digital cinematography camera
Digital cinematography camera from Aaton. Shoots both 35mm film and digital pictures.

Recently introduced by Aaton, the Penelope Delta is based on the excellent Aaton Penelope 35mm Film Camera but with the ability to record pictures either digitally or on 35mm film.

Digi Mag

Aaton Penelope Delta Digi Mag Aaton say that switching from a standard film magazine to the digital sensor magazine takes less than 30 minutes making this the only cinematography camera able to shoot either 35mm film or digital pictures.







Camera record mode

Digital Magazine

Film Magazine

Availability  April 2010
Sensor pixel count
Aspect ratio of sensor used    
Base sensitivity 800 ASA
 As film stock
Dynamic range
13 stops
 As film stock
Frame rate    1 to 50 fps
 HD422 / HD444
 Video Assist
Viewfinder Optical


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