Aaton XTR Plus

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Aaton XTR Plus Super 16mm film camera

Aaton XTR Plus Super 16mm Film Camera


Like all film cameras, the Aaton XTR Plus records pictures by exposing them onto film. The film has to be loaded in total darkness into an interchangeable magazine which holds up to 400ft of 16mm film. Each 400ft roll will run for 11 minutes at 25 fps. Once used, the film is unloaded in total darkness, transferred to a film tin and sent to a developing laboratory for processing. The pictures are then viewed through a telecine machine and can be transferred to video tape or digital media for editing.


TTL lightmeter incorporated into the eyepiece

Aaton SMPTE timecode generator burns timecode onto the film edge

Variable frame rates: 8, 16, 24, 25, 30, 50 fps and some can also run at 74 fps



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