Arri Alexa Digital Camera

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Arri Alexa Digital Motion Picture Camera

A range of high quality digital cameras from Arri.

Available in 3 models to cover high quality aquisition for documentaries through to commercials & feature film production.

New image sensor

Arri has created these new cameras to give exceptional image quality using a newly designed sensor, the ALEV III.

Arri Alexa Sensor ALEV III

Anamorphic shooting

The sensor is the size of a 35mm film frame and is in the 4:3 aspect ratio. The entry level and mid level cameras use a 16:9 portion of the sensor and the top end camera uses the entire 4:3 area allowing full anamorphic shooting.

Wide exposure latitude

Arri claims that the sensor has a wide exposure latitude of 14 stops and a base sensitivity of 800 ASA. The ASA rating can be changed to suit filming conditions.

Film like depth of field

The large imaging sensor and the use of film lenses make it possible to achieve a true film look and shallow depth of field.

Film optics & accessories

As with all Arri products the Alexa's build quality is excellent and it draws on Arri's many years of experience in film camera production. Film optics are easily accommodated using the PL mount and a Sony Bayonet adaptor allows other high definition TV lenses to be used. All other film accessories such as follow focus and matte box are easily attached.

Variable frame rates

The Alexa cameras can operate at frame rates from 1 to 60 fps allowing for sync and off speed shooting.  Pictures (and sound) are recorded to an onboard hard drive system.

New High resolution LED Viewfinder

Entry and mid level cameras use the new Arri Electronic Viewfinder, a high resolution LED display with high quality glass optics and accurate colour reproduction. It also offers 'overscan' so the camera operator can see what's just outside the frame.

Optical Eyepiece

The top end camera uses an optical eyepiece as would be found in a film camera.


Model code nameA-EVA-EV Plus A-O-V Plus
Availability2010 062010 092010 12
Sensor pixel count 3,5003,5003,500
Aspect ratio of sensor used16:916:94:3
Base sensitivity 800 ASA 800 ASA 800 ASA
Frame rate1 - 601 - 601 - 60
HD onboard recordingyesyesyes
ARRIRAW onboard recordingnoyesyes
Integrated wireless remote controlnoyesyes



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