Arri L7C Fresnel Light

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Arri L7C LED fresnel light

Fresnel lens lighting unit powered by LEDs. Used for television / theatre lighting. Made by Arri.

Arri L7 series lamps are LED based giving all the familiar attributes of tungsten based fresnel lights but with a number of significant and revolutionary advantages.
They produce light that can be controlled in the same way as a tungsten fresnel : focusable, good shadow definition, smooth and even light distribution. Easily shaped with barn doors or flags .
The difference is that they are lit by LEDs

Dimmable using on board control with no effect on resulting colour temperature

Colour temperature fully adjustable from 2,800 K to 10,000 K
Plus / Minus green control
Fixtures run cold. No hot barn doors or lamp housing. Studio and talent remain cool.
Reduced power consumption so massive energy saving and reduced carbon footprint
LED lifespan is around 200 times longer than conventional tungsten lamp
LEDs last up to 50,000 hours
Power consumption 220 watts
Weight: 10.9 kgs
Watch a comparison of LED and Tungsten light


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