Cineflex Heligimbal Aerial Ball Mount

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Cineflex Heligimbal gyro stabilised camera mount on helicopter
Cineflex Heligimbal gyro stabilised camera mount on helicopter
Ultra stable camera mount for use in aerial photography.

The Cineflex Heligimbal is a rock steady gyro stablilised mount and is usually fitted with a high definition camera front end in the mount. The signal is taken from the mount to a control unit and then to a separate high definition video recorder.

The Cineflex Heligimbal can be side or front mounted, tilt, look vertically down and can pan through 360 degrees. When side mounted, it's a simple task to pan the lens into the aircraft and clean the lens port. Very useful for clearing spray or the occaisional fly splat.

Because its' gyros make it so stable, it's normally fitted with a zoom lens and can achieve very tight shots with a focal length of up to 400 or even up to 1000mm using a x2 converter.

Allows the use of longer focal length, higher magnification lenses than with other gyro stabilised camera mount systems.

Recently used to great effect on BBC's Planet Earth.

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