High Definition Video

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Sony HDCAM 40 min tape
Sony DVW900 High Definition Video Camera
Sometimes referred to as High Def or HD, this is the highest resolution video format currently available.

Sony launched HDCAM in 1997 and it is used on high profile programmes such as Planet Earth, Hotel Babylon, Hustle, and is also used for commercials and some feature film production. Requires high definition lenses. Images are recorded at a resolution of 1080 horizontal lines in the 16:9 aspect ratio and can be shot in either progressive or interlaced scan mode. Camera package costs £ 450 to over £ 1,000 per day. Post production and graphics are also more expensive than standard definition.

Data transfer rate: 144 mgb/s

Record time Standard Cassette: up to 40 mins

Record time Large Cassette: up to 120 mins

Cassettes are black with an orange lid



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