Ianiled LED filming light

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LED filming lights made by Ianiro

LED lights made by Ianiro
IANILED6 and IANILED7 are small video and film production DAYLIGHT luminaires, which for the first time in their segment offer an efficient directional LED light that can be controlled thanks to the interchangeable lens system. Both are designed for universal use. Thanks to their all-around 1/4" threads, they are compatible with all the typical mounting accessories of the film and TV industries.

 Ianiro Ianiled daylight LED film lightIaniro Ianiled daylight LED film lightIaniro Ianiled daylight LED film light filter set

Additionally they are engineered for universal power supply, from 7,2V to 12V or at 110V/240V and they are compatible with all standard connectors of the video industry. The main concept that inspired the design of IANILEDs family is the flexibility. They were not designed for specific and limited applications, but to be versatile, handy, mains–free. Do not think "What are they made for?", "What do they replace in my tungsten or daylight gear?" You’d rather ask yourself “How can they help me”? ... Open your mind, bring them with you on the field, they will serve you best!

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