Porta Jib Explorer by Losmandy

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Versatile, robust and well engineered camera track and jib system by Losmandy USA

Porta Jib is an excellent, versatile and very well engineered jib and track system made by Losmandy in the USA. Counter weights go in an open box on the jib so you can use anything that comes to hand on location rather than carrying weights with you. The jib quickly converts into parallel rails for table top level tracking which is great for pack shots and the whole system packs into 2 portabrace bags for transport (Flexi track stays separate)

Portajib Explorer in jib mode

mounted on flextrack

Portajib Explorer LosmandyPortajib packs into 2 soft bags for easy transportPortajib packed for transport


Using Losmandy Flextrack and low mode dolly

Porta jib camera tracking system in low mode

Portajib in slide track mode Portajib converted to tracking rail mode

Photos courtesy of Portajib USA. For more information and where to buy Portajib products see http://www.portajib.com/

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