Red One Camera

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Red One Camera with matte box and follow focus

A very high resolution High Definition Video camera using 35mm film optics. Designed for top end and cinema production.

The Red One camera is a modular system designed to use 35mm film production lenses and accessories. It uses a large and very high spec sensor which is the same shape and size as the super 35mm film format allowing it to take standard PL mount lenses with full picture area coverage. The sensor is 4,900 x 2,580 pixels giving it a resolution of 12 Megapixels.

The beauty of the Red Digital Cinema system, apart from the stunning high quality images, is it's modular design. The cameraman or producer firstly chooses the image processing electronics and sensor appropriate to their requirements, (this is known as the "brain'). All peripherals such as eyepiece, handle, shoulder mount, lenses and recording memory are then built on around this central "brain".

This modular system allows the user to upgrade or change the "brain" whilst keeping all the accessories and peripherals.

Red Digital Cinema are a fast moving company and are constantly upgrading and introducing new models with larger sensors and more versatile configurations. Please follow the link below for up to date information.

Red Camera on location


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