Skater Dolly

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Lightweight steerable dolly for extreme low angle shots

The SKATER® Mini is a friction tilt head onto which tracking wheels are directly attached and Skater Dolly by P and S Technikoptimized for an extremely low camera position.


This small, lightweight dolly system allows you to move the camera manually, giving you direct control over tracking shots in any direction, as well as all sorts of curved moves.

You can precisely define any center of rotation at any diameter. It‘s all your decision: whether you like to orbit around an object right in front of the lens or make a curved move into a final product shot.

Shots which would usually require sophisticated rigging or even motion control can now be executed with almost no prep time.


Skater Dolly by P and S Technik  Skater Dolly by P and S Technik

Skater Dolly by P and S Technik

 SKATER® Mini Technical Data

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 Dimensions385 x 437 mm / 15.2 x 17.2 inch
 Height including wheels
72 mm / 2.83 inch
Mounting height with 20° rocker
 51,4 mm / 2.0 inch
Mounting height with 30° rocker
 71mm / 2.8 inch
 Weight including 20 deg rocker
 3.8 kgs / 8.38 lbs
 Max load
 30 kgs / 66 lbs
 Best operating temperature
 0° - 40° C / 32 – 104° F
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