Booking Crew

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Freelance camera crew with RED camera

How to book freelance crews for a television or film production.

A filming crew can be anything from a self shooting director / cameraman running his own sound to a full drama crew consisting of 50 technicians or more. Most commonly, in everyday documentary you will probably be booking a cameraman and sound recordist as a 2 man crew. There will be times when you may need additional crew such as lighting electricians, grips, camera assistants, boom swingers etc depending on the nature of your shoot. So it's important to get an idea of what you are hoping to achieve what personnel you may need. For example, if you know you need tracking shots in your production, is it something that can be achieved simply with a light weight track and dolly system operated by a member of production, or do you need a professional grip with a Pee Wee dolly and metal track? It's a good idea to ask the cameraman for advice and then look at the cost implications.