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Diary of an International News Cameraman Christian Parkinson


The purpose of this book is not to document my travels, but to use some of my experiences as a way explore what it takes to operate as a news and documentary cameraman in extreme and often dangerous environments.

When I first began in the industry I was hungry for knowledge, desperate for any scrap of information that could be useful to me in the field. Most books by cameramen though are adrenalized travelogues that barely touch on the skills, equipment and knowledge that you need to succeed in the competitive and always changing world of TV News.

Christian Parkinson news cameraman

I hope that this book will give both the beginner and advanced shooter ideas and information that will help them to take their career forward. They say that no job is worth dying for, and I agree. There are though some jobs that are worth a lot of discomfort and the odd brush with danger. Being a television cameraman is one of them. It’s a job that offers everything: Adventure, travel, artistic expression and the chance to have a front seat as history is made. I hope that this book is useful to you, maybe even inspiring.

I’m giving this book away for free because I want to share my knowledge and to save others from the long “trial and error” phase that I went through when starting out. You may notice that I have included a number of affiliate links throughout the book for buying useful equipment – If you buy via these links then I will get a small percentage that will go back into keeping my websites up and running, something that is very important to me. If you like the book then please also follow me on twitter @imagejunkies and spread the word about my website: for more articles on training and equipment or my personal blog: to find out about my work and my writing.

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I’m a Journalist, Cameraman and Editor from the UK. I have a passion for telling stories both in words and pictures and have travelled the world in the course of my career. My TV work has been shortlisted for an Emmy and I have been twice nominated by the BBC for Royal Television Society Cameraman of the year.
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