Remote Aerial Filming Platforms

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Octocopter remote aerial camera platform by Flyonix


Advantages of remote aerial filming platforms

Aerial filming used to be the domain of full size helicopters using anything from gyro stabilised mounts to a hand held camera through an open door. Full size helicopters are still widely used and produce great aerials but now some remote aerial platforms offer a credible alternative and come with a much lower price tag.

  • Relatively cheap to hire (compared to full size helicopters)
  • Quick to rig
  • No need to pay for positioning time
  • Can fly inside buildings and built up areas (subject to CAA / FAA rules)
  • Some can take cameras from Go Pro size up to 5D or Red Epic
  • Allows aerial filming where previously budget would not allow

About the Octocopter

Octocopter is a remotely controlled aerial filming platform made from carbon fibre and aircraft components. Lift and direction control is provided by 8 propellors making it a stable platform capable of carrying larger cameras.

Where can you fly

Flonix Octocopter in woodland

Practically anywhere from indoors and through doorways to outside, over water and under the tree canopy

Altitude, range & speed

CAA law restricts maximum height to 450 ft and a range of 500 metres in line of sight. Typical operating range is within a radius of 100 metres. Octocopter can fly as low as 0.5 metres and can reach speeds of up to 50 mph depending on weather conditions.


Octocopter is almost 2m across and therefore very stable. Pilot will change the blades to suit wind conditions allowing it to fly successfully in winds up to 25 mph. Strong gusting wind can be a problem.

Flight time and set up time

Flight time varies according to load and weather conditions.

14 mins with no load

10 mins with Canon 5D

6 mins with Red Epic

Adverse wind conditions can affect these timings

Set up time from arrival: approx 10 mins

Turnaround time: 5 mins on the ground to review pictures and change batteries

Remotely controlled

Flyonix Octocopter with Red Epic at Sandymouth

Octopcopter is controlled from the ground by 2 operators: a pilot to fly the machine and a camera operator to control the gyro stabilised gimbal allowing the camera to pan & tilt.

Gyro stabilised

The camera is mounted in a gyro stabilised gimbal to ensure steady pictures.

Range of cameras

Octocopter is very versatile and has flown with the Red Epic, Canon C300, Sony FS700, Sony F55, Canon 5D, Panasonic GH2 and the Go Pro Hero.

Picture monitoring

On board video link transmits HD pictures to the ground. It's also possible to have a full HD link to feed into live broadcasts.




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Remote controlled aerial camera platforms. Octocopter is very stable, precise and can fly with full size cameras including the Red Epic
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