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Albert carbon calculator for sustainable television production

Good programmes that don't cost the earth

We all want our programmes and content to change the world.  But, while production can make a difference, it's just not always for the better. Whether it's through travel, the production office, lighting or set and prop construction, the business of programme making is often bad for the environment.  A growing number of broadcasters and production companies both in the UK and abroad feel it's time for that to change.

Sustainable production methods bring all round benefits

Whether it's known as sustainability, being environmentally friendly or simply "going green", an awareness of carbon, waste and socially beneficial working practices has almost no downside.

Cutting carbon, energy consumption and waste almost always will save you money alongside the environmental benefits.

It's good to be green

Companies are increasingly finding that sustainability is good not just for the planet and the bank balance but also for drumming up business - it's a selling point.

BAFTA Consortium

A consortium of British broadcasters and indies have come together under the leadership of BAFTA to promote and develop sustainable production.  The group is currently made up of the BBC, BSkyB, ITV, Channel 4, Kudos, Talkback Thames, IMG, Shine, Endemol and TwoFour.

Albert - the carbon calculator

At the heart of the group's work is Albert, a carbon calculator specifically designed to work out the carbon footprint of programme production as a first step towards reduction.   The BBC Commissioning website "strongly encourages you to sign up to use the tool".

Albert is free to use and more details can be found at

Guidance on how to reduce your carbon footprint

The group has also produced free guidance on how to make a sustainable production.

You can read the full version here Albert - Programmes that don't cost the earth

or a shorter checklist of actions here Albert - Sustainability checklist

Eyefish supports sustainable production

Eyefish is committed to promoting sustainable production and we encourage you to use the site to find local crews.  Doing so will cut your costs, your carbon, create work for people living in the areas where you film and help you discover new talent.

Share your experience

Sustainable production should mean creativity, not austerity.  Do let us know if you've got a good story to tell about how you've tried to make a difference.

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