Using Octocopter for aerial filming

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Octocopter remote aerial camera platform

Yoho Media teamed up with aerial specialists ‘Flyonix’ to get our Epic airborne and we are now now offering 4 and 5K Red Epic drone services to other production companies and filmmakers.

Amazing results

The results really are amazing. It’s time to chuck out your cranes , jibs , dollies and helicopters; these cheeky little eight-bladed remote control aircraft are the future of camera platforms! Previously the power of Octocopters has limited their use to small, hand-held cameras and DSLRs, but recent developments in their design and battery capabilities have made it possible to get more substantial cameras into the air to take advantage of their unique and cost-effective capabilities.

Red Epic

We had our Epic in the air for the production of a German music video, for the folk/rock band Santiano, who have passion for all things maritime which brought them to the West Country. We flew inside and out, day and night, through woods and alongside performers.

Quick to rig

These platforms are quick and easy to use, amazingly stable and very adaptable; it takes less than 10 minutes to rig the drone and have it in the air. There are some simple limitations, largely based around the lift and power capabilities of the drone.

Prime lenses save weight

Small, light lenses are ideal; we worked with Zeiss Compact Primes, of which the shorter focal lengths worked better (18, 25 & 35mm), and the short Red Zooms (17 and 18-50mm), but Canon lenses would also be a sensible and workable option.

Ocotopter Aerial Camera Platform with Red Epic Camera

Flight duration, range & height

Individual flights are limited to 3 or 4 minutes, depending on the amount of movement. Maximum flying height is 130 metres and maximum range 500 metres. But despite these limitations drones offer filmmakers an incredible range of new perspectives and possibilities, and with the Epic on board there’s no compromise on image quality.

A short clip from the 'Saniano' video can be seen here: