Using Reconditioned video tape

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Reconditioned recycled video tape

Evaluated video tape

Evaluated videotape can deliver savings of up to 70% when compared to the cost of new stock. We are able to process a wide range of formats including Sony HDCAM, SR Sony Digital Betacam, Sony DVCam tapes, XD Cam and other formats.

Big carbon footprint savings

An independent report by carbon reduction analysts Sustain, estimates the carbon footprint of evaluated tape to be just 10% of that produced by a newly manufactured asset.

Carbon footprint results associated with the production and distribution of a new videotape are: 

  • The emissions per 32-min tape are equivalent to travelling 5 miles in an average UK car.
  • A 64-min tape emits the same as an 11 mile trip in an average UK car.

1.32 kg CO2e for a Digital Betacam 32
2.92 kg CO2e for a Digital Betacam 64

Carbon footprint results for reconditioned videotape are:
  • 1.06 kg CO2e for a Digital Betacam 32
  • 2.47 kg CO2e for a Digital Betacam 64 

Both formats have a net environmental benefit because they avoid the impacts associated with producing new videotape.

Evaluated tapes cost both you and the planet less.

What we do.

Remove existing labels and pen markings. 

Existing content is erased via belt-driven degaussing system. (We are FACT-accredited). 

Magnetic tape is cleaned and inspected. 

A report is produced detailing the condition of tape passed for re-use. 

Tapes are run and rewound to ensure the spools are even and that the mechanism is running smoothly. 

Tape and case receiving fresh labelling. 

Completed tapes are packaged in quantities of 10 and 50 – just as with new stock


Reconditioning a videotape at Tapes UK releases less than one tenth of the CO2e caused by purchasing a new videotape.

Avoiding the need for new products and materials is one of the most effective ways to improve environmental performance.

Broadcast organisations can reduce their climate change impacts simply by using videotapes reconditioned by Tapes UK, instead of new videotapes.

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Environmental Media Solutions and the Tapes UK group of companies have long specialised in the supply of reconditioned professional video tape to worldwide broadcast markets. In fact our company was founded on the provision of this particular service.

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Environmental Media Solutions provide reconditioned tape, tape evaluation and FACT accredited media disposal to the broadcast and production sector.